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Letter To My Characters...

A Note to All My Past/Present/Future Characters,

You came from nothing. Just a small spark born of my imagination. You were nameless, faceless, soul-less. One day you didn't exist, and the next day was your birthday.

I took you under my wing and gave you life. A name. A family. A past. I gave you everything. Even your thoughts were first mine.

I decided what you would look like. How tall or short, thin or fat, blond or dark you would appear. Your personality emerged from my words, and with each stroke of the keyboard, you became more and more real to me.

As we got to know each other, you began to guide me. Yes, my fingers typed the words. But it was you. You who made the decisions. Along the way, you began to think for yourself. Sometimes, I had no idea how you would react to a situation until it happened. YOU took on the role of writer, and I was proud of you. Each and every one. The story, after all, is not about what I would do. It's about what you would do.

You gave me more than I ever gave you. You gave me purpose and determination to complete your story. I obsessed about getting the words down, so your tale would be complete. Agonized over writing every detail, so you would be heard. An enormous sense of accomplishment and elation overwhelmed me as I typed the last word. And even when it was finished, you lived on.

Some of you, I cheered for. Others, I defeated. And some; yes some, I mourned.

I want to thank you. All of you. For showing me what I'm made of. For giving me the strength to fight for you, and showing me that leaving a story unfinished isn't even a tiny possibility. You give me inner confidence in my ability to get the words on paper.

And ultimately, I thank you for allowing me to share you, and your story, with others.

Some of you may never know anyone except me, and that's okay. Others may get to know many. At least that is my hope for you.

Through it all, we have grown together into the people we are today, and we are now a part of each other. Forever.

Thank you. Thank you for...being.

With much love, pride, and gratitude,

Your Friend and Creator.

Your Author.

-Kristen L. Jackson,


Kristen L. Jackson, Author of KEEPER OF THE WATCH

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