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Happy Birthday To My Son!

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Today's the day. My first-born child turns 27 today. Twenty-seven! How can it be possible that a child of mine is approaching 30?

I remember my Mom saying things like "Time flies" and "It seems like only yesterday," but I never truly understood.

Until now.

It really does seem like only yesterday that Jordan was toddling around carrying Brio Thomas the Tank Engine trains everywhere he went. He could tell you the name of every character in the show, and build the most amazing tracks with the wooden pieces. His tiny pterodactyl 'Petri' went with him everywhere he went, and we tucked him in each night along with his favorite Simba stuffed animal, and he said his prayers. I remember he had the most adorable voice, and if I close my eyes, I can hear it now.


Today, he turns 27. He's a responsible adult, and an automotive technician. Now he builds real engines. One long-ago Christmas, Santa brought him a toy engine. The rest is history.

Back then, he was the light of our lives. Today, he and his brother still are.

Some things never change.


Some Background

My husband and I married young. We were only 19 and 20 years old ourselves when we tied the knot, and Jordan arrived in the same year, making us the youngest parents in my son's class. We like to say we grew up with him, which in a lot of ways is accurate.

It wasn't always easy, and we learned a lot along the way. Together. That's the most important thing. Despite being first-time parents battling the ignorance of youth, I like to think we did more than okay. When I look at our sons, I know we did. That's not to say that we didn't make any mistakes; everyone does. But those mistakes were always based in love.

Jordan taught us as much as we taught him. We learned what it means to put another's needs before our own. We learned what it means to truly love someone, so much that it brings tears to your eyes. We learned what it means to be a parent, and a friend. We learned to be a family.


We Love You

From the moment he was born, Jordan was an easy child. He laughed early, smiled a lot, and found contentment in the smallest of things. He helped us name his brother, Jeremy, and also named the cat, Casper, after the then newly-released Casper movie.

He's always been creative, and when he set his mind to do something, he did it. His patience when involved in whatever claimed the title of his current interest at the time was endless, and that's something that's still true today.

Today, we are proud to call this grown-up man our son. He is everything those two kids dreamed of for him, and so much more.

Whether cheering for the Eagles and Flyers, or just hanging out to watch a movie, we cherish this blessing that entered our lives on December 2nd, 1990, and wouldn't change a moment of our lives together.

Happy Birthday, Jordan! We love you!


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