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Happy Book Birthday, Keeper of the Watch!


Today's the day! Thursday, February 1st, 2018. The day I've been waiting for. It's been a long time coming. Years in the making.

I've prepared, rejoiced, and agonized over it.

It's Publication Day!

This is the day my book is released to the public and I officially become a published author. It's a birthday for my novel, but it's also my birthday as an author.

It's a huge accomplishment for me at this stage of my life. But it means even more than that to me.



Of course this day is a celebration of my book, but even more it's a celebration of my family. Each and every one of them.

My husband, my sons, my Mom & Dad, my sisters, grandmother, aunts and uncles, in-laws, nieces and nephews.

My closest family has inspired and encouraged me, rejoiced with me, tolerated me. Yes, I said tolerated. (Especially my husband!)

When I asked endless questions, bouncing ideas off of them to research for my current book, they smiled and answered, adding to each book with their ideas and information.

When my writing consumed me and it was all I could think about (and talk about!), they remained pillars of support for me to lean on, never once letting on if they were tired of hearing about it.

When self-doubt crept in and I felt as if it was all for nothing, they showered me with praise and love, building me back up.

On days when I felt so discouraged I wanted to give up, they remained a positive force, guiding me to the next step.

They never once faltered in their resolve to help me get to where I wanted to be.

Because they simply wanted for me the thing that I wanted most.

These self-less acts of kindness and unconditional love have allowed me to get here, and inspire me on a daily basis.



This publication day can't only be a celebration about me or my book.

The fact is, without my family and friends, I couldn't have even hoped to achieve this tremendously hard goal I set out to accomplish.

So, today, I want to celebrate all of the people in my life who have helped to make this day happen.

Thank you for being the force that keeps me going.

I love each and every one of you.

"The most important thing in the world is family and love." -John Wooden


Kristen L. Jackson, Author of KEEPER OF THE WATCH


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