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Why Do People Love to Love Sports?

What does winning mean to you?

For the Philadelphia Eagles, it means so much more than a trophy.

It is the connection with their teammates and their fans.

Their faith in God and each other.

Coming out on top, despite the doubt of sports reporters and analysts everywhere. Disproving the 'underdog' label.

It means their first time hoisting the Lombardi trophy. First victory parade. First time accomplishing the ultimate goal of the sport they play. Champions.

It's no secret that I love and support my Philadelphia Eagles. Growing up 90 minutes from Philly, home team loyatly is strong.

I haven't always been the fan I am today. As a young girl, I can remember my Dad wildly cheering for 'The Birds', and if anyone would have asked who my team is, I would have unquestioningly replied the Eagles.

But it wasn't until I met my husband (28 years ago) that I actually began watching, and understanding, the game of football. And somehow over the years, I morphed into a true fan.

I am proud to say that my family 'bleeds green'. Each Sunday, we plan our entire day around the Eagles schedule. And we love it that way.

We watch at the edge of our seats, cheer for the good plays, and more often than not yell at the ref's decisions on the field.

My husband recorded us watching the last play of the super bowl, and in it you can see the intensity with which we love our team. In good times, and in bad. (Though we are thoroughly enjoying the good right now!)

So, why do people love to love sports?


Here is a list of reasons I think sports are so important in today's society.

1. Purpose.

Supporting your team gives you something to look forward to at the end of a long week.

2. Loyalty.

No matter the outcome of the game, fans learn what it means to stay loyal to their team through both wins and losses.

3. It Satifies Our Need For An Epic Battle.

The basic desire to root for good over evil is met. (Good = Your Team; Evil = The Opposing Team)

4. Comraderie.

Bonding with others over your teams successes and failures keeps us coming back for more.

5. Entertainment.

Like movies, video games, and books, people have a need to be entertained. Sports provide a live 'story' with a surprise ending.

6. Provides a 'Reality Check'.

In sports, one team wins and the other loses. That's the way it is. Someone has to lose. It prepares us to learn to accept failures in our lives. Life isn't full of victories. There will be times that things don't go your way. Watching sports prepares us for that.


Whatever your team and whichever sport you choose, sports can provide all of that, and more. As we prepare to watch the Olympics this week, I'll be cheering on the USA along with the rest of you.

But right now, I'd like to continue to savor this epic win the Philadelphia Eagles have given me, and all of my brothers and sisters who bleed green right along with them. The players practice a family mentality. All of us fans feel like we're part of that family, too.

Thank you, Eagles, each and every one of you, for the part you all played in bringing the trophy home to Philly.

We love you.

Fly Eagles Fly.



"We're not done yet!" -- Doug Peterson


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