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Snow Day Do's and Don'ts

"Everyone begins as a child by liking Weather. You learn the art of disliking it as you grow up. Noticed it on a snowy day? The grown-ups are all going about with long faces, but look at the children – and the dogs?

They know what snow’s made for.

Who doesn't love a snow day?" --C.S. Lewis


In Pennsylvania, public schools have had their fair share of school cancellations this year.

I'm a preschool teacher working in a child-care center, which means my school rarely, if ever, closes due to the weather.

Because of that, when I do get a day off because of snow, I've learned to savor every minute.

In honor of the one and only snow day of the 2017/2018 winter, I've made a list to help you make the most of your day, too!

Snow Day Do's:

DO go back to bed after you get the news. (Nighty-night...)

DO stay in your pajamas (or at least sweatpants) all day long.

DO drink lots of hot cocoa. (Everbody knows that snow and hot chocolate go hand-in-hand.)

DO build a snowman. (Fun for all ages!)

DO eat cookies. (Calories don't count on this magical day!)

DO let your family shovel all the snow. (They offered, right?)

DO cuddle with your dogs on the couch. (This is a special day for them, too. They don't usually get to see you on a 'workday'.)

DO get in some writing time (or reading time!)

DO take an afternoon nap. (It's tiring doing nothing all day!)

DO spend time with your family, binge-watching the lastest show on Netflix. (Stranger Things? Counterpart?)

Snow Day Don'ts:

DON'T leave the house. (This is mandatory.)

DON'T take a shower. Or wear make-up. (Who cares?)

DON'T feel compelled to clean the entire house. (You won't have any visitors today.)

DON'T wear shoes. Slippers only. Or fuzzy socks. (Unless you're shoveling, in which case boots are acceptable)

DON'T worry about how much water you drink. You can go to the bathroom anytime you want! (Teachers, you feel me, right?)

DON'T feel guilty for having an unexpected day off. (You deserve it!)

DON'T mourn the 8 hours of PTO you're using. (This is what you have it for!)

DON'T pay any attention to the leak in the ceiling above your bed. (You can't do anything about it right now, anyway. Think about it tomorrow.)

DON'T forget to brush you teeth. (I mean, that's gross even when you're home all day!)

DON'T worry about tomorrow. (Live for today!)

So, there you have it. My absolute Do's and Don'ts in honor of today's snow day. Remember, above all else, enjoy your day. This may not happen for another 10 years!

Oh, and one more very important DO to add to the list...

DO say a prayer for anyone who couldn't stay home today. Not everyone has that choice. Be safe everyone!

Happy Snow Day, Pennsylvania!


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